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    Combining the personality and style of an independent hip boutique software development house with the reliability, consistency and attentive service of a major business, Aireus is redefining the luxury and design-led lifestyle of the next generation in hospitality Point-Of-Sale technology. For us it begins with the recognition that our customers are seeking a balance between simplicity, features, style, substance and cost – in their own lives, and in the technology partner they choose. We strive to embody this balance with a strikingly modern approach to software design that is refreshing, powerful and flexible, with an emphasis on ease of use, attentive service and exceptional innovative features. The most advanced iPad restaurant POS system affordable, easy to use and full of innovative ideas. With zero license fees you only pay for what you need. We deliver a revolutionary POS system that helps your business grow by taking the IT out of the product and making it simple. Every package comes with premium hosting at Amazon.com, product updates and upgrades and premium 24 hour telephone and email support.


    22 January 2015


    Wirelless and Cloud

    About Owners

    Patrick McManus possesses over fifteen years of leadership and industry practice in the fields of operations management, financial analysis, and call center operations.
    Tiara Grant has cultivated many talents which have stemmed from her interest in computers. She is currently learning innovative ideas and cutting edge techniques in information security.

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